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Change your corporate culture by increasing your employee flourishing.

Where wellbeing can be limited to satisfaction and health, we see flourishing as a concept that also includes living out your purpose. If you see a fruit tree with only leaves, you might say it is healthy, but flourishing means it also bears fruit. Life (and organization) fulfillment relies on flourishing, not just wellbeing health. 

Flourishing isn't a luxury

Missing employees

An organization may have 100 employees, but if 30% are not flourishing (typical in our experience), your effective workforce may only be 70. When a person is not flourishing in an area of their life, their physical energy and mental focus is likely to be distracted, compromising their effectiveness on your team. In other words, they might be showing up to work but not really showing up. 

Increased Productivity and Innovation

Research consistently identifies identity, values, and other intrinsic motivators as the strongest and most persistent motivators for productivity, performance, and creativity. This comes from making robust, explicit connections with personal identity (purpose, values) and work. 

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Integreaters client employee in aerospace

"I feel very confident that my mission statement captures who I am and the different layers of my life and personality. The goals in my flourishing plan are valuable to me and I feel confident I will achieve them!"

Peer Mentoring

Flourishing happens in community. Integreaters facilitates flourishing peer mentoring groups, helping establish this powerful engine of growth in your organization's culture. 

Board Meeting

Identity Workshops

Research-based workshops to grow your teams. Principles and concepts include 

  • Growth mindset

  • Frameworks for character and moral reasoning

  • Metacognition

  • Excavation tools for identity and flourishing

Let's build your business on purpose.

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