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Design your Culture

Integrate your corporate culture from the inside out.

Your corporate values and purpose can be the boss that's always present, guiding your company from the inside out. Integreaters' programs establish a deeper company identity with greater purpose, robust enough that it applies to every situation we face.  We seamlessly infuse this identity into your overall strategy, leader and frontline decision-making, dashboards, and processes.

Make your values your new ceO

Custom Culture Curriculum

Like a fingerprint, every organization has a unique purpose, mission, and values. So we always build a custom culture curriculum for each company.


This program uses research-based adult character formation approaches to develop your corporate identity inside each member of the team.


Trying to control your culture from the outside with policy only is a losing battle. Instead, we cultivate your culture with the strongest force in your company: your people's character. 

Aligned Strategy, Metrics, and Policy

Can you tell who your company is by looking at its strategic plan and dashboards?


Sometimes the website brand says one thing but the strategy and metrics describe a different company, causing your team to play the wrong game and lose trust in their leaders (this is one of the most common feedback responses we see).


An integrated identity will be evident throughout the organization's metrics, strategic and tactical plans, project plans, and decision-making. 

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Integreaters client employee in aerospace

"I feel very confident that my mission statement captures who I am and the different layers of my life and personality. The goals in my flourishing plan are valuable to me and I feel confident I will achieve them!"

Culture Moment

How did your core values lecture at the last staff meeting go? Were your employees catching your passion or a nap? Flourishing happens in community. Integreaters facilitates research-based sessions in small groups, cultivating core values inside each employee and team. 

Board Meeting

Identity Workshops

Research-based workshops to grow your teams. Principles and concepts include 

  • Growth mindset

  • Frameworks for character and moral reasoning

  • Metacognition

  • Excavation tools for identity and flourishing

Let's build your business on purpose.

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