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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Brent earned his education doctorate from Baylor University, Master of Strategic Leadership from LeTourneau University, and BS in Engineering Science from Trinity University. Brent has been a Senior Research Engineer with Southwest Research Institute where he designed geolocation systems.


At Hallmark University, he integrated a culture of character development and greater purpose throughout administration and academic departments in various roles such as Institutional Effectiveness, Advancement, and President. He continues to conduct research in character formation through his professional practice at Integreaters. Brent is married to Kierstan and they have four wonderful children in San Antonio. 

Leadership Development

  • Implemented a leader 360 evaluation based on leading leadership frameworks

  • Over 100 hours of 1:1 leader coaching each year 

  • "My COO is a different leader now. It's great to see him leading with the potential I knew he had! And I've noticed the same growth in my other managers you are coaching." -CEO of an Integreaters client

Organizational Change

  • Developed a peer mentoring program for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses called VITAL. 

  • Has coached multiple clients through acquisition, scaling, and succession plans. 

Culture Work

  • Written customized culture curriculum for organizations in insurance, healthcare, aerospace, services, and nonprofit sector. 

  • Experienced in capturing and articulating an organization's greater purpose with traditional business outcomes. 

  • "I love my team even more now. After nearly a year of our internal culture sessions designed by Integreaters, my team knows each other and clearly knows how to use our corporate values in their everyday work." -Executive Director of an Integreaters client

Employee Engagement & Flourishing

  • Designed and implemented a workshop and workbook on individual identity and flourishing. 

  • Collects data and provides insights on employee flourishing, equipping corporate leaders to make better decisions and strategy for increased employee flourishing and engagement. 

  • Developed training for Identity & Flourishing coaches.

  • Annually conducts over 100 1:1 coaching sessions with client employees

  • "Wow, that sounds like me. I wish I had experienced this 20 years ago, but I'm excited about the legacy I am preparing during my retirement in a few years." -Identity & Flourishing participant. 

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