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M3 | Marketplace Ministry Movement     Sept. 16th

Implement organizational change by building your business on greater purpose.

Purpose-built businesses out-performed Fortune 500 companies by 115% over a 15-year time period. Integreaters helps companies find and implement their greater purpose at an organizational level.



Replacing an employee can cost 1-1.5x the employee's salary or more depending on their level of expertise.

Employees whose work is fueled by a sense of purpose and growth operate at a higher level of efficiency.


A company's perceived character affects the level of loyalty from both employees and customers.

Business Plan

Automate your leadership development.

  • Peer mentoring groups help facilitate a growth-focused culture and improves employee relationships.

  • Specialized 1-on-1 Coaching Programs for select leaders build on strengths already present in your future leaders, while developing areas that are still needed for future success.

Increase your profit margins.

  • Integreaters helps to set and integrate core values and identity into every aspect of your company. By aligning your employees closely with the core values and mission of the company, productivity increases, innovation increases, and turnover rates decrease.

  • All of these small wins (sometimes large wins) help to decrease cost and increase profit for the company while providing a constructive culture that continues to build for years to come.

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Is Your Company's Culture Costing You?

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Brent earned his education doctorate from Baylor University, Master of Strategic Leadership from LeTourneau University, and BS in Engineering Science from Trinity University. Brent has been a Senior Research Engineer with Southwest Research Institute where he designed geolocation systems.


At Hallmark University, he integrated a culture of character development and greater purpose throughout the administration and academic departments in various roles such as Institutional Effectiveness, Advancement, and President. He continues to conduct research in character formation at Hallmark and Baylor. Brent is married to Kierstan and they have four wonderful children in San Antonio. 

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Brent Fessler
Darrin Miller

Darrin Miller

Darrin earned his Bachelors in Communication Design from Schreiner University and is a current student of Dallas Theological Seminary. Darrin has worked with dozens of nonprofits and ministries in personal and organizational leadership development since 2014, and was successful in sales and management for many years beforehand.


In 2016, Darrin established his own nonprofit organizations, Faithful Fishers and the Living Word Bible School, with the goal of equipping leaders for church and parachurch ministry by providing affordable biblical education while also addressing the need for character development, corporate culture, and strategic planning. Darrin is married with 6 children and currently resides in the San Antonio area.

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Business Plan

Identity Weekend

Discover your WHY and EMPOWER your employees. 


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